I Lost 25lbs and Nobody Noticed

I lost 25lbs and nobody noticed. It was like I partly disappeared. I should have written a blog and told people how I did it. It was part of a radical diet I’m calling “Eating Less and Excercising More.” I quit drinking beer and had a few solid weeks at the Jiu Jitsu club; I think that really helped.

In the Me Generation of Internet junkies, it is almost impossible to try and lose weight without documenting it across several social media platforms. People didn’t notice the new pep in my step, ┬ábut I felt a big difference and when I looked at the morning post-poop scale, I went from 210lbs to a respectful 185lbs.

Never weigh yourself midday, or even after a glass of water. You have to step on that confidence meter naked with a dry mouth as not to skew your results. I shaved my beard, clipped my finger nails, and that tipped it to a 25lb weight loss.

Look at my amazing before and after results photo.

There are lots of people to thank for this, my cat mostly. Instead of leaving a dead bird on my doorstep, he left a slice of pizza. I took the hint. Thanks little buddy.


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