How to Hire a Corporate Comedian

If you need a comedian look no further, I can provide you with excellent comedy at any level of content you want. From squeaky clean or middle of the road, even for more of an adult audience if thats what you want. Let me know the level the show and thats the act I will bring.

There are many comedians out there but they are not all created equal. It takes years of experience to become good at performing for a corporate audience. I have the experience, the reviews, videos and referrals that I have accumulated from performing comedy since 2003.

Some advice on choosing a comedian, the biggest thing is watch some video and see if their website is up to date. It’s pretty easy to see who’s phoning things in when they don’t have a current website or videos. Like I mentioned not all comedians are created equal.

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If I am unavailable for your show, I can book you some great comedians who are. Through my years of performing and producing comedy, I have a stable of trusted and hard working comics. They will provide an excellent show!

If you want to look good for booking an amazing comedian, I can come in and  provide that service. Side affects of my comedy include uncontrollable release of bladder, a feeling of euphoria and a need to bust out in laughter.

An office party can be stiff, people are gonna want to laugh and loosen up. Thats where the comedy can come in and make a good event into a great one. If your interested in finding out more, please email or call (323) 570 – HAHA, or fill out the contact form below.

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