How To Fundraise With A Standup Comedy Show

Looking to have a comedy fundraiser but don’t know where to start? I’ll walk you through the whole process, from picking the right comedian, to how to monetize that event.

1. Pick the right comedian. Choose a comedian who has lots of videos and reviews from past shows. Make sure they have experience playing fundraisers, as they are different than playing comedy clubs or corporate events. You’ll want to impress the audience and not offend any of your supporters.

2. Promote the event. Split the tickets up amongst your volunteers to actively sell them. Use the media to not only promote the show but tell everyone about why you are fundraising. How To Fundraise With A Standup Comedy Show some sucessful shows

3. Make sure to gather silent auction and raffle items. There is a huge amount of funding to made off these.

4. Decorate the venue if possible. Have fun and decorate the venue, give it a personal touch so the attendees know you put in the effort.

5. Let everyone at the event know how much you appreciate their support. Let people know why you are raising money and what it will be used for. People like to hear they are making a difference and it will also motivate them to donate more if you are trying to reach a goal.

If you want an experienced comedian to play your event, look no further. I have played 100’s of fundraisers over my career and have many videos an reviews for you to check out.

If I’m unavailable for the show I can also find you some comedians who will be perfect for you.

To get in touch please email or call (323) 570-4242 (HAHA) or fill in contact form below. I’m available across USA and Canada.

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