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Not all comedians are created equally. If you’re ready to spend some of your budget on a great stand-up comedy night, you need to hire the best Alberta comedian and get comedian James Uloth to entertain your function. Don’t just take our word for it; we’ve got tons of reviews from happy clients at the bottom of this page.

James has been hired by many Alberta companies to entertain their event. He’s performed for everything from McDonalds and Home Depot to little town local companies of 15 people who had a pot luck and needed some chuckles. Also, 4 of those people brought marshmallow salad and nobody eats that stuff. Nobody ever said, “I love salad and I love marshmallows, let’s combine them.”hire comedian for a corporate function

When you need to hire an Alberta comedian, get the one who can not only speak to the heart of blue collar country, but can also make the suits laugh. Everyone in the room, from back to front, can join in the bonding power of laughter!

The balance of bringing laughs to a whole room takes years of experience. You can count on one oil worker’s hand the number of comedians in Alberta who can play a corporate event. There’s 3, maybe 4… the same number of fingers they have left.  Safety first, people. That’s why you hire the best comedian to bring the heat.

As Alberta’s most requested comedian, reach out now get your date secured on the schedule. The word is out; it’s a fun night of comedy. Don’t hold out too long!

Performing nearly 100 shows a year, James keeps busy, constantly adding fresh material and loves nothing more than entertaining your party. When it comes time to hire a comedian, don’t be afraid. What you need to do is hire the Alberta comedian who brings the high impact, high body count, high fidelity, high scoring, high fructose corn syrup, hi 5’in action to your party.


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