Have a Standup Comedy Fundraiser : Tips From The Pro

Standup comedy is an excellent way to raise funds! I’ll give you a break down of some great strategy that I developed from my experience of performing at and helping to produce hundreds of fundraiser events.

By creating 2 of the largest fundraiser comedy tours in the world ( and, I have been involved with playing and creating more fundraising comedy shows than any comedian in history.

The Tips For Success:

1. Make sure you have some support to help sell tickets. Breaking the tickets up amongst your volunteers to help sell them will get the greatest results. The individuals who are helping to sell will stimulate the word of mouth.

2. Utilize the media to help sell tickets on top of having a platform to talk about what you are doing. When its time to fundraise, it’s also time to educate – you’ll want to get every opportunity you can for utilizing your comedy show to get your group noticed in the media.

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3. Pick the right comedians. I have played hundreds of events and come with many reviews and referrals. If I’m unavailable to be at your show, I can book you some comics who I have personally vetted and will be fantastic.

4. Monetize your event by having many points of purchase. Raffles, silent auctions, 50/50 draws and similar activities will help to increase those funds raised.

5. Tell people about other events that you have. Is a comedy night one of many other fundraisers you do? Make them want to come to more events because the comedy night you had was so amazing. Let the audience know about the other stuff you do!

I’d love to be part of your fundraising comedy night. Please message me for more info or call (323) 570 – 4242. Let me know any questions you have, and thanks for reading!

Fundraising With Standup Comedy | Hire a Comedian referrals

Fundraising With Standup Comedy | Hire a Comedian reviews



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