Fundraiser with Standup Comedy

Having comedy as your fundraiser is a great idea. I’ll walk you through the steps of hiring a comedian and having a great event.

1. Find the right comedian. It’s one of the biggest parts, you need a great comedian to have a great fundraiser. I’ve played 100’s of events and would love to play yours.

2. Have volunteers sell tickets and promote the event. The biggest form of advertising is word of mouth, you can accomplish this by having your volunteer staff help sell tickets.

3. Get media coverage. You’ll want to get all the exposure in newspaper, TV and radio.Hire the right corporate comedian for your event

4. Use your social media. Have everyone involved mention the comedy fundraiser on their social media. Change your Facebook status to highlight the upcoming event!

5. Put posters up in highly visible area. All the advertising comes together and combines to create a well publisized show.

6. Have enough staff to help setup the showroom. You’ll want the event to look like you customized it for your organization. Put up displays and other branding from your group.

7. Have a silent auctions and raffles. There is lots of money to be made with these, spend some time gathering them.

8. Let everyone at the event know how grateful you are for them supporting. Let people know what the money is being used for, people love to be able to watch progress and know they are being helpful.

9. Let the people coming out know about other events you have coming up..

10. Remember to have fun and enjoy the event. It goes by fast take a second to realize how great a show you put on.  With some effort and working together with your volunteers and supporters you’ll have a successful and funny event.

For more information and to book a comedian get in touch with James at  Or call (323) 570-4242 (HAHA)

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