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Looking to book a comedian? James plays shows across USA and Canada, please message for more information and to get a quote.

Since 2003 James has been booked to do 1,000’s of shows from Christmas Parties, Colleges and Corporate Events. If you need to book a comedian, you are in the right place. If James is unavailable for your requested date we can also book you in an amazing comedian from our close knit roster of headliner comedians.


Q: How do I go about booking James as our comedian?
A: First step is to get in touch, please let us know the proposed date, what the event is for, and how many people are expected to be there.

Q: I wanted to to book a comedian but on James’s website he is already booked?
A: James’s availability can change and he can also get other comedians to cover certain gigs. Please let us know your events date, as we also manage 4 other seasoned headliners that could work for your show.

Q: Can James work clean with no swearing?
A: James can work from squeaky clean all ages show to something more adult oriented, what ever you request.

Q: Will James interact with the audience?
A: James typically will personalize a show by making observations, its one of the things that audiences love the best. He also has a solid act where he does not need to interact, please let him know what you would prefer.

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