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Having a comedy fundraiser is a great way to raise money! Groups we work with regularly raise between $4,000 and $20,000. Its a great feeling to fundraise with comedy!

I can walk you through the whole process and help you have the most successful event possible. I play and help organize between 60-100 shows a year.

If I can’t personally make your event, I will send comedians that I personally vetted and that are amazing. With the international comedy tours I created and, each have raised over $1million dollars.

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Many happy people have worked with me and gladly lend their referrals and reviews. A lot of my events are annual and I send a new batch of comedians every year for as long as you need. It’s amazing to see shows grow and become a regular income stream for the groups I work with.

Comedy is a great event that will stand out in your fundraising calendar. Whether you already have events you regularly organize or you want something special to kick your fundraising adventures off, my comedy show will be a perfect fit.

We can play anything from squeaky clean, middle of the road or adult oriented performances. I can tailor the shows to your need, and help you monazite the event to make the most funding possible.

All the while raising this money at a fun event, showcasing your cause and bringing in new supporters! Laugh, raise money and create a new fun social event in your community.

The first step is getting in touch, please email or call (323) 570-4242. Or fill in the contact form below.

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