Comedy Fundraiser | How to Raise Money With a Standup Comedy Show

Using a comedy show for your fundraiser is a great idea. I’ll outline how a show comes together and how to find the right comedians. To raise money with a comedy fundraiser is a great feeling, laughter is an amazing unifier.

Here are 10 great pointers to establishing and putting on a great comedy event.

1. Name your event. Give it a cool name that can relate to what you are fundraising for and also says comedy.

2. Pick a venue. Book that venue out as soon as you can, as some venues can be very popular.

3. Choose the right comedians. Get a comedian with experience at fundraiser shows. It takes a certain finesse and some grace to entertain at a fundraiser.

I perform at and help put on 40-100 fundraisers a year, I’d love to be part of your event. If I’m unavailable I can help get you some comedians that will be fantastic.

4. Get support to help sell tickets. Get as many of your volunteers to help sell tickets as you can.

5. Promote with social media and word of mouth. The volunteers selling tickets really help drive word of mouth, have everyone mention where to get tickets on their social media.

6. Get coverage in local media. Use the event as a talking point to the local media, get that media coverage and drive ticket sales while also getting the word out about your cause. Comedy Fundraiser | How to Raise Money With a Comedy Show

7. Let everyone know you are grateful for their support. Tell all the people who come to the event thank you. Its important for them to feel like they are helping.

8. Let everyone know what the money is used for. People like to see goals and monitor how they are coming along. ex.If you are trying to raise money for a new piece of medical equipment “The medical equipment costs $60,000 and we have raised $30,000, we are hoping to take a big dent out of the remainder with the comedy fundraiser”.

9. Have fun put your touch on the event. Make sure to have your personal touch on the event, have time to decorate and put your branding on it.

Comedy Fundraiser | How to Raise Money With a Standup Comedy10. Have other events coming up? Use the opportunity of having all these people in a room to tell about the other amazing events you have coming up.

Those are 10 pointers that will really help you along the way. Some of them may seem pretty straight forward, but combine them all together for a great evening of standup comedy!

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