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Book A Comedian For Fundraiser Looking to hire a comedian for your fundraiser and need to know how to get started.  If you are looking for a comedian with lots of experience, I am your man. I have played 1000’s of shows across USA and Canada.

1. Hire the right comedian. The right comedian will makes the big difference for everyone, they’ll be saying how awesome your night was and offer continued support. Make sure to watch some video on the comedian, look at their work history and reviews. (Please see my reviews at bottom of the page)

2. Set up the room correctly. An improperly setup room can really damper a comedy show. There should be no barriers like a dance floor or silent auction between the comedian and the audience. The best set up room has the audience as close to the comedian as possible.

3. Have good sound, stage and lights. For the best show possible you are going to want to have a good sound system. Does the venue have a sound system? But has it been in place since the building was built, does it even work? Sometimes it works to get a local DJ to provide the sound, they will often have lights as well. A stage and lights are great, they make for the most professional show. Sometimes they aren’t available and the show can still go on. Sound system is the most important, they have to hear the comedian!

4. Decorate the venue to make it feel like your event. If budget is a concern just head to the dollar store and get some table cloths and things to dress the place up. Putting some snacks on the table, and other little details add up to make your event look customized. If you have banners , signs, and displays put them up. This is the opportunity to showcase!

5. Promote with word of mouth. Always make sure to speak highly of the event, if someone asks “Are the comedians funny”? The answer is yes, very funny, it will be an amazing night. You know this because you chose the right comedians. Get all the volunteers available to spread the word, put it on social media and have them help sell tickets directly.

When you need to hire a comedian for an event, book James Uloth to provide the laughter. Please read the reviews below. For more information email or call (323) 570-HAHA. If James is unavailable for your event, we can help find you another great comedian.

How to Have a Fundraiser Comedy Night A Fundraising Guide

Having a successful fundraiser comedy night can bring in between $4,000 and $16,000, we have worked with organizations that have pulled in $80,000 from a single fundraising comedy event.

James has been performing and helping to produce fundraising comedy nights since 2003. He’s the creator of 2 of the largest fundraiser comedy tours in history and Both of the tours have raised over $1 Million dollars each, and have annual events in over 40 cities across Canada and USA.

With the experience he has from producing these tours he can help give you some tips on having a very successful night of comedy. When its time to hire a comedian, get in touch with us. We have hand selected and vetted all of our talent.

How to Have a Fundraiser Comedy Night.

1. Have a committee or group of people working together to make your comedy night a success. The more people you can have helping sell tickets and put the word out in the community, the more successful it will be. The most powerful advertising is word of mouth. There will always be some members of the group who are more social butterflies and will sell lots more tickets, find those people and encourage them :)

2. Pick the right comedian or comedians. Knowing what audience you expect to come out, hire the appropriate comedian. A fundraiser comedy night is different than just having a comedy night at a bar or comedy club. It takes a special kind of comedian to perform for an audience that comes out to support your fundraiser.

James Uloth has been performing comedy since 2003 and has played for 100’s of fundraisers and done over 3000’s of shows in 4 different coutnries. If you need a comedian that is versatile and with a long resume have James play your event.

3. Choose the right date. Make sure you aren’t competing directly with any huge events in your community. There is often no ideal time, you’ll be competing against something and that is just the law of averages. But don’t go head to head with a huge branded annual event that the entire town goes to i.e. the 11th annual chili cook off.

4. Promote, promote, promote. Make sure to get the word of mouth out there like we mentioned in #1. Also send out press releases and phone/email the local media. On top of raising money on just this event, you’ll want to raise the profile of what you are fundraising for. A comedy night is a great reason to be reaching out to the media and letting them know who you are.

5. Have volunteers available for the day of the event. Make sure you have enough support to help set up the show room. Many hands make light work. You’ll also need people to be managing the door and taking tickets. Even though you are fundraising, people will try and sneak in if they can….. believe us we have seen it many times. Make sure to have a control system with hand stamps or wristbands.

6. Have a silent auction and raffle items. Its important to monetize your fundraising comedy night. When you have that many people come to an event, have places for them to spend money. A silent auction can bring in lots of extra proceeds, and everyone loves a 50/50 draw and other raffles.

7. Decorate your event to make it have a personal touch. Let people know what you are fundraising for by showing them. Have a display on the way in with pictures. Decorate the stage with your colors, have fun with it :)

TIP: Don’t put balloons or other decorations between the sight line of the audience to the comedian. They will distract from the show and people will be always moving around trying to see past them.

8. Snacks. Its always great to have some snacks around, something even inexpensive like putting some chips on the tables. Its a nice touch and the audiences appreciate it.

9. Did we mention to hire the right comedian! Make sure to see video on the headline comedian, he is the most important part of the night. Make sure he has experience in performing at fundraisers.

10. Have a great time. Its important to have fun while you work this event, the people coming out to support will recognize this. Laughter is contagious, and you will see it spread. It takes effort to put on an event, plan it out correctly and everyone coming is coming to have fun. Let the power of comedy take effect! guide on How to Have a Fundraiser Comedy Night How to Have a Fundraiser Comedy Night for your cause

Thanks for reading, and email us with any questions you have. If you want more information or to book a comedian (323) 570-HAHA (4242).

How To Have a Fundraiser Comedy Night

Are you the one selected to put on a fundraiser? It can be a daunting task but we’ll let you know some tips on how to have a fundraiser comedy night.How to have a fundraiser comedy night James Uloth

James Uloth has been a comedian since 2003, he has played over 3,000 shows in 4 different countries and has performed at and helped to produce 100’s of fundraisers. He’s the creator of Raise The Woof and Comedy For The Cure, they are 2 of the largest fundraiser comedy tours in the world.

How to have a fundraiser comedy night and make it a great success.

1. When will the event take place? Make sure it isn’t competition against another fundraiser you’re already having, space your big fundraisers out so you don’t tire out your supporters.  Do you have a venue picked out already? make sure to book it before someone else does!

Comedy is a great stand out event from other fundraising avenues that are going on in a community. In our experience there is almost always something else happening in an area, but stay away from directly competing with mega events that bring the whole community out i.e. the 11th annual Chili Cook Off. Most of those huge events are scheduled well in advance and at the same time of year, so don’t put yours on the same day!

How to have a fundraiser comedy night succesfully2. Do you know what kind of audience comes out to your events? Comedy is great for drawing in new supporters, everyone loves to laugh. But are you familiar with the regular people who support your events, and are they a little more conservative and stiff? Its ok if they are, just remember to get a comedian who will have appropriate content as not to offend them.

James Uloth can provide a show that is squeaky clean. Also if you want something a little more adult oriented he can do that as well. Let him know any content restrictions and he stays well within those limits.

3. Do you have people to help sell tickets? The way to make an event super successful is to have people actively selling tickets. There is always some people in your group who are more social butterflies and will sell more tickets. The more tickets you sell the more money comes in from not just tickets sales but other points of sale at your event.

4. Do you have a silent auction and raffles? When you get a large group of people out you can make a tremendous amount of extra funds from having silent auctions and raffles. Try and have something fun for raffles as well as a 50/50 draw. We have seen some pretty neat things, like a pooper scooper for bingo numbers in a  giant kitty litter box. Something neat not only gets people spending money, but will have people talking about how exciting and fun the event was.

5. Make sure to hire the right comedian. Not every comedian is created equal. Performing comedy at a fundraising event is completely different than being a comic performing at a local bar or comedy club. It takes years of experience to perfect it.

Make sure your comic has videos, reviews and a history of performing at fundraising events, James Uloth has all of this. His likability, professionalism, and all around fun funny show, keeps his calendar busy.

When you need to know how to have a fundraiser comedy night! please message us for more information and a quick quote. or call (323) 570-4242 (HAHA).

tips on how to have a fundraiser comedy night How to have fundraiser comedy night

What you should know before hiring a comedian for a fundraiser

What you should know before you hiring a comedian for a fundraiser. There are a few key factors in deciding to hire the right comedian to play your fundraiser. You want to make sure the comic will entertain your event, not offend anyone, and make you look good for having such exciting entertainment.

  1. The first thing is to have an idea of what audience will be at the event. Is it going to be mostly older people, younger people, all ages, or a diverse age range of only adults? Sometimes organizers will have no clear idea of what demographic is going to come out to support, and thats ok.

The easiest thing to do is hire a comedian who has experience in working with all age ranges, and that’s what James Uloth brings to the table.

  1. Another key factor is what content do you want the comedian to stay away from. Do you not want any jokes about sex, no swearing or profanity? Or do you want a comedian who can play with some more edgy material but at the same time not go to far?

James can play anything from squeaky clean to content more suited for adults. Let him know the parameters and he’ll stay in them.

3. Do you have the right budget to hire a true professional? Sometimes the difference of just a few hundred dollars will get you the right comedian for the job. Would you hire the cheapest surgeon? Probably not because when you need something done right, you go with a competitive price not the cheapest.

James’s prices are competitive, he will not be the cheapest priced comedian you find, but you get an amazing comedian for a fair sum.

  1. Does the comedian have the experience to work a fundraiser? When you see a comedian at a comedy club or bar room, that is a completely different style of standup comedy. Working a fundraiser event takes practice to perfect and years of experience.

    James has been performing comedy since 2003, he has done 1000’s of shows and played 100’s of fundraiser comedy nights. He’s the creator of 2 of the largest fundraiser comedy tours in the world and, both have raised over $1,000,000. What you should know before booking a comedian for a fundraiser

What you should know before hiring a comedian for a fundraiser and making your event a awesome

Fundraiser Standup Comedy Show

Looking to have a fundraiser standup comedy show? James Uloth has become one of the most loved comics for fundraisers and corporate events. Playing 100’s of fundraisers over his career while spreading lots of laughter and raising lots of money.

When you are thinking of having a fundraiser standup comedy show, its important to book a comedian with the experience and resume to make your event spectacular. James Uloth is just that comedian!hire a comedian for a fundraiser event

Since 2003 James has been providing comedy for fundraiser standup comedy nights. With a long list of referrals, reviews, and tour dates, you can see why James keeps getting booked.

Some things to consider when hiring a comedian.

1. Does this comedian have a history of working fundraisers? James Uloth has an extensive history.

2. Will the comedian be able to play for an all ages audience? Yes, James has played everything from all ages to adult only, he’s played church basements and rowdy bar rooms. Let James know the level of content you want and thats the show he will bring.

3. Is the comedian professional, will he show up on time and not offend any of my patrons? James has many reviews and referrals not only saying he’s super enjoyable onstage, but he is very professionalism off stage.

4. Will the comic be able to give any advice on how to raise more money? In addition to being a comedian, James is the creator and producer of 2 fundraiser tours that have raised millions of dollars. If you have any questions let James know, he’d be happy to help.

5. How do I book James to play my fundraiser standup comedy night? Get in touch on the contact page. You can email or call (323) 570- HAHA (4242).

hire a comedian for a fundraiser James Uloth

hire comedian fundraiserWhen it comes to fundraiser standup comedy nights, James Uloth is your #1 choice. He’s been directly involved in raising over $2,000,000 with his fundraiser tours Raise The Woof and Comedy For The Cure.

Comedy Fundraiser

Looking for information on having a comedy fundraiser? James Uloth plays over 40 fundraisers a year, and can provide you with awesome entertainment. Do you need some more insight on how to put on a comedy fundraiser? James can help with that also, as he’s the creator and producer of 2 of the largest fundraiser comedy tours in the world. ( and house for fundraiser

With the ability to relate to an audience, James delivers a clean comedy set for any fundraiser audience. If requested James can also change the content to be more middle of the road or adult oriented, let him know what you want and thats what he’ll bring.

James has an ability to relate to an audience, this gives his show a personalized feel. He points out the obvious and has polite interaction with the crowd, leaving the feeling of a custom and funny show.

With a long list of shows and reviews, James has played 100’s of fundraisers and raised millions of dollars with his comedy. If James is already booked on your proposed date, he can find another comedian to play your event.

We have a roster of funny and talented comedians, who can provide an amazing night for your comedy fundraiser.

comedy fundraiser with James Uloth

comedy fundraiser - fundraiser comedy

Please use the contact form below to get in touch. Or email or call (323) 570-4242 (HAHA).  

Hire a Comedian For a Fundraiser

If you are looking to hire a comedian for a fundraiser, you found the right one. James Uloth has worked with 100’s of groups to put on a night of stand up comedy.

hire a comedian for a fundraiser event

An average fundraisers comedy show, with the groups we have worked with, are raising between $3,000 and $16,000. We have had some raise over $65,000 in a  single night!

James has been a career comedian since 2003, he has created 2 tours that have raised a combined sum of over $2,000,000. ( and Creating 100’s of comedy fundraiser events over his career, James can also help provide some valuable insights into how to maximize your fundraising.

If you’re a sports team, a non profit group,  a school, or other worthy cause, James can bring a hilarious comedy show to you.

When its time to hire  a comedian for a fundraiser, make sure to get a standup comic with a long list of reviews and tour dates . James Uloth is that comic! Take the guess work out of hiring entertainment, hire James for your fundraiser. Here is the main fundraiser page.

hire a comedian for a fundraiser James Uloth





hire comedian fundraiser





Please use the contact form below to get in touch. Or email or call (323) 570-4242 (HAHA)

With a career that has seen James play over 3,000 shows in 4 different countries, James brings a show that is funny anywhere. When you need to hire a comedian for a fundraiser, book James Uloth.

With an ability to tailor a show to any audience, James gives a personal feel to the room as he has polite interactions with the audience, and points out the obvious. He can provide a squeaky clean show, something middle of the road, or more adult oriented, just let him know what you want and thats what he will bring.


Book A Comedian For Fundraiser

If you are looking to have a fundraiser comedy night, James Uloth plays over 40 fundraisers a year, he has a long resume and great reviews. So when its time to book a comedian for a fundraiser, get in touch with James! Book a fundraiser comedian

Since 2003 James has been getting rave reviews as a standup comedian. With the ability to work squeaky clean or with more adult oriented material upon request, he keeps all audiences laughing.

Are you in need of a little help? He’s able to give you advice if you need it, as he gains expertise from creating 2 of the largest fundraiser comedy tours in the world. ( and Each tour has annual successful events across Canada and USA.

hire comedian for fundriaserThe average fundraiser comedy night James is involved with raises between $4,000 and $16,000 net for the organizations he’s working with. He’s had some raise over $60,000 in a single night. Comedy can be a very low risk high reward way to raise money and create a fun atmosphere to educate an audience.

If you need to raise money, spread awareness and do it all with the power of laughter, thats what James Uloth does best. Please get in touch for a quick quote and more information on how to to book a comedian for a fundraiser. James is available across USA and Canada, he can route you into an already formed tour or come out special for you.

If James is unavailable he can also book you in some other amazing comedians.  We work with a handful of carefully selected comics that can bring great entertainment for your fundraiser comedy night. Getting the right comedian will make your fundraiser a memorable and successful event!

James Uloth reveiws from comedy shows

Call (323) 570-HAHA (4242), email or fill out the form below.

Here are some newspaper articles featuring James!

Have Comedy As Your Fundraiser

Having a fundraiser is important, are you coming up with a clever idea to raise the money you need to make your goals? Comedy is the most fantastic way to reach those goals,  and our average comedy nights raise between $4,000 – $16,000.

We all have stress and weight on our shoulders, and everyone needs a good laugh. When you need a fundraiser comedy night, get in touch with James Uloth. He’s played 100’s of fundraisers and 1000’s of shows across his career.

Just read these reviews!

James Uloth reveiws from thumbtack

We can help you along the way with planning your event. Need advice, or want to know how to get started? James and his crew can help along the way. Currently he’s working with over 40 organizations for annual fundraiser comedy nights, James has the experience and the comedy to help you out. His comedy tours have been directly involved in raising over $2 Million dollars. woof it up raised 7000

If James is unavailable to perform at your event, he can help find you comedians. We work with a handful of carefully selected comedians that are international headliners who can bring an amazing show to your event. When it comes to standup comedy as a fundraiser, James Uloth is the gold standard.

You have to stand out as there are lots of organizations holding events. A great way to stand out is to have live comedy entertainment, something fresh and unique. Your current supporters and the new supporters you’ll draw in, will love to come out for a night of comedy.

In need of more information, want a quote or to find out how to host your own comedy night fundraiser? Please fill out the form below.

How To Have a Comedy Fundraiser Night

Looking to have a fundraiser comedy night? The most important thing is to have the right comedian. James Uloth can provide a fun and entertaining show with his years of experience in performing for fundraisers.

James plays around 40 fundraisers a year, he is the creator of 2 of the largest fundraiser comedy tours in the world. ( and ).How To Fundraise With A Standup Comedy Show some sucessful shows

In addition to supplying comedy for your event, James can pass on crucial information on making your event a success. With a handy checklist and availability to answer questions, when you need a comedy fundraisers, get in touch with James Uloth .

Some important things to consider when having a comedy night.

1. Pick a date and venue. Make sure to find a date that doesn’t compete with any large fundraisers, or events already happening. Its very hard to find a date with no competition at all, but stay away from huge things like the towns annual chili cook off that brings out the whole community.

2. What ages will you be marketing your show towards? James can provide squeaky clean, or more adult style humor. Let him know what you would like for your fundraiser comedy night.

3. Did you gather some ways of making additional income at the event? A great way to really monetize and event is to offer raffles, silent auctions, and other points of sale. It can also be fun to try something really creative. One of the most interesting thing we seen was a raffle where they had a giant bin of kitty litter, you would scoop out a number and that corresponds to a prize. Be fun, have fun.

4. Where do you find the right comedians? You just found them. In addition to James Uloth, we also have other comedians that are available.



Please get in touch today and lets get started on raising you that much needed funding.(323) 570-HAHA (4242)

How To Fundraise With A Standup Comedy Show reviews

How To Fundraise With A Standup Comedy Show more reveiws


Fundraiser Comedian

fundraiser comedian- James Uloth
If you need a comedian for your fundraiser, James Uloth is perfect for your event.

Looking to hire a fundraiser comedian? James has been performing comedy since 2003 and has been directly involved in raising millions of dollars for various groups over his career.

The average fundraiser comedian show he’s involved with raises between $4,000 – $16,000. For a relatively low investment event, it can turn into big profits for groups who are willing to put in the effort.

If you need a comedian who can work clean or looking for a comic who can be more adult oriented, James can do both. Let him know what you want and he will make it happen.Do you need help figuring out where to get started? James can help you along the way, with tips from his experiences and can even provide a handy checklist.

Feel free to ask him any questions you may have. James is the creator and producer of 2 of the largest fundraiser comedy tours in history, Comedy For The Cure and Raise The Woof. Each with annual events in cities across Canada and USA, raising millions of dollars and giving James valuable insights and experiences.

If James is unavailable for the event, we work closely with a few other great headliner comedians, that can make your fund raiser an entertaining one. We are able to keep our prices down by typically routing your event into a tour, letting you get an amazing comedian at bulk prices.

We can walk you through the whole process, let our experienced team help you raise that money, and it all starts with getting in touch Email or call anytime (323) 570 – HAHA (4242). You can also use the contact form below.

For a list of past event please check out the about page or tour dates page. No better way to raise money than laughing while doing it, laughing all the way to the bank with the money you raised.



Fundraiser Comedian- woof it up raised 7000Fundraiser Comedian - raise woof for cat careFundraiser Comedian, laughter is the best medicine