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Book A Comedian For Fundraiser Looking to hire a comedian for your fundraiser and need to know how to get started.  If you are looking for a comedian with lots of experience, I am your man. I have played 1000’s of shows across USA and Canada.

1. Hire the right comedian. The right comedian will makes the big difference for everyone, they’ll be saying how awesome your night was and offer continued support. Make sure to watch some video on the comedian, look at their work history and reviews. (Please see my reviews at bottom of the page)

2. Set up the room correctly. An improperly setup room can really damper a comedy show. There should be no barriers like a dance floor or silent auction between the comedian and the audience. The best set up room has the audience as close to the comedian as possible.

3. Have good sound, stage and lights. For the best show possible you are going to want to have a good sound system. Does the venue have a sound system? But has it been in place since the building was built, does it even work? Sometimes it works to get a local DJ to provide the sound, they will often have lights as well. A stage and lights are great, they make for the most professional show. Sometimes they aren’t available and the show can still go on. Sound system is the most important, they have to hear the comedian!

4. Decorate the venue to make it feel like your event. If budget is a concern just head to the dollar store and get some table cloths and things to dress the place up. Putting some snacks on the table, and other little details add up to make your event look customized. If you have banners , signs, and displays put them up. This is the opportunity to showcase!

5. Promote with word of mouth. Always make sure to speak highly of the event, if someone asks “Are the comedians funny”? The answer is yes, very funny, it will be an amazing night. You know this because you chose the right comedians. Get all the volunteers available to spread the word, put it on social media and have them help sell tickets directly.

When you need to hire a comedian for an event, book James Uloth to provide the laughter. Please read the reviews below. For more information email or call (323) 570-HAHA. If James is unavailable for your event, we can help find you another great comedian.

How To Hold a Fundraiser Comedy Night: Step by Step Guide

Here is a step by step guide on how to hold a fundraiser comedy night. Its a great way to not only raise money but use the event to gain publicity for your fundraising cause.

I’m the creator of 2 of the largest fundraiser comedy tours in the world, both Comedy For The Cure and Raise The Woof. Each have raised over $1,000,000 and combined operate in over 40 cities and towns on an annual basis. I love establishing new events and helping people go through the process of creating an event with comedy, which is something I am very passionate about.

Enough of my rabble. Here is a walk through that can help you get through the process.

1. Name the event! brand it something that relates to your cause and also implies comedy. Have some fun with it, hopefully this will become an annual event and this branding will help carry you into the future.

2. Get a venue and lock in the date. The earlier you can plan and get your venue secured the better. It assures you can get the facility you want! That being said there are typically many options for venues. I have played everything from church basements, back rooms at bars, high school auditoriums, community halls, banquet rooms, and so many more.

4.. Hire the right comedian. There are lots of people that call themselves comedians, but very few that can entertain at a fundraiser event. You’ll want a comedian that has experience and that will make you all look good for booking them in.

I’ve performed at and help put on more fundraisers than almost any comedian in history. It would be great if I could provide the entertainment at you event, if I can’t personally be there I can help hire the right comedians.

5. Have your tickets and posters ready to advertise. A great way to get the people out is to have your volunteers actively selling tickets.

6. Monetize the event. You’ll want to have points of sale in addition to ticket revenue. Most commonly you see raffles, silent auctions and 50-50 draws. You can make a tremendous amount of revenue, and even eclipse the ticket revenue by having these other points of sale.

7. Personalize the event. Make the venue have your organizations personal touch. It doesn’t take much extra time or funds to decorate the venue. It shows people at a subconscious level that this a special affair, and they should open those wallets and donate.

If you are looking to book myself or have me find you some great comedians please email or call (3230 570-4242.

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Have a Standup Comedy Fundraiser : Tips From The Pro

Standup comedy is an excellent way to raise funds! I’ll give you a break down of some great strategy that I developed from my experience of performing at and helping to produce hundreds of fundraiser events.

By creating 2 of the largest fundraiser comedy tours in the world ( and, I have been involved with playing and creating more fundraising comedy shows than any comedian in history.

The Tips For Success:

1. Make sure you have some support to help sell tickets. Breaking the tickets up amongst your volunteers to help sell them will get the greatest results. The individuals who are helping to sell will stimulate the word of mouth.

2. Utilize the media to help sell tickets on top of having a platform to talk about what you are doing. When its time to fundraise, it’s also time to educate – you’ll want to get every opportunity you can for utilizing your comedy show to get your group noticed in the media.

Corporate Comedian | How to Hire The Right Standup Comic

3. Pick the right comedians. I have played hundreds of events and come with many reviews and referrals. If I’m unavailable to be at your show, I can book you some comics who I have personally vetted and will be fantastic.

4. Monetize your event by having many points of purchase. Raffles, silent auctions, 50/50 draws and similar activities will help to increase those funds raised.

5. Tell people about other events that you have. Is a comedy night one of many other fundraisers you do? Make them want to come to more events because the comedy night you had was so amazing. Let the audience know about the other stuff you do!

I’d love to be part of your fundraising comedy night. Please message me for more info or call (323) 570 – 4242. Let me know any questions you have, and thanks for reading!

Fundraising With Standup Comedy | Hire a Comedian referrals

Fundraising With Standup Comedy | Hire a Comedian reviews



Fundraising with Standup Comedy | Hiring a Comedian

James Uloth has played and help produce more fundraisers than any comedian in history. The creator of 2 of the largest fundraiser tours in the world, (Raise The Woof and Comedy For The Cure) James is not only the perfect comedian for your event, he can give you tips on how to make it more successful, and he can help book you other comedians if he is unavailable.

The few key factors in having a successful fundraiser.

1. Monetization of the event. Make sure to have points of sale, with raffles, 50/50 and silent auction. People want to spend money if you make it fun, so put together some fun ways to do so.

2. Hire the right comedian. Getting a comedian that will not only be funny but friendly to your supporters. There are some comics who are great in a comedy club but cant perform and get great results in a fundraiser comedy night atmosphere.

James Uloth has played 100’s of fundraiser and comes with many great reviews.

3. Let people know what you are fundraising for. The more specific you can be, typically the more donations you will get. Humans want to see a measured progress to feel satisfied with being charitable.

If you have a goal of $15,000 for the nights show, tell people you are hoping to get the $15,000 and what its being used for. Be realistic with your goal and share with your supporters.

4. Let people know how grateful you are for them supporting. Try not to make your events feel like its just a money grab. Let them know how much of a difference they are making and if you can, thank them by name individually.

5.  Let them audience know if you have a other events in your fundraising calendar. If you put on fun and exciting evening they will be inclined to support your other fundraisers.

Those are some quick tips that will help you put on a great event. If you have any questions and would like to book a comedian please email us or call (323) 570 – 4242.

Fundraising With Standup Comedy | Hire a Comedian referrals


Fundraising With Standup Comedy | Hire a Comedian reviews



How To Have A Successful Comedy Fundraiser Night | Fundraising Tips

Here are some pointers that will help you have a successful fundraiser comedy night. I’ll let you know how to hire the right comedians and how to monetize the event to raise even more money.

How to monetize the event:

1. Ticket sales are only one of the revenue streams. Make sure to have raffles, draws, and silent auction items. Even if its a small silent auction it can bring in some additional revenue. Its important to have a few points of sale.

2. Let people know where their money is going. People are more inclined to increase their amount donated,  if they can see what their money is being used for. ex. If you say we need only $500 more to reach our goal, often people will dig deeper to get you there.

3. The more fun you make the event the better results. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? Don’t have that feeling that people are just there to donate money, make all the ways to spend money exciting. They all know they are there to help raise funds, so don’t let the audience feel like they are being held hostage.

How to pick the right comedians:

1. Make sure the comedian has experience playing fundraisers. They are different than playing comedy clubs. It takes a certain grace to pull it off.

I have played 100’s of fundraisers since I started comedy in 2003. I have plenty of referrals and videos for you to review.

2. Review video and check out their website. In the comedy industry having some videos and a current website will let you know if the comic is still actively performing.

I have a current website and videos for you to review.

If you have an questions or to hire a comedian please email me at or call (323) 570-4242. If I’m unavailable to play your event, I can help find the perfect comedian for you.


Fundraising Idea: Have a Comedian

Having a comedian is a great way to fundraise. I help produce and perform at between 60-100 fundraisers a year and have been directly involved in raising over $2 Million dollars. Comedy is a terrific way to not only entertain your usual supporters but to bring in new ones.

Standup comedy is fun, everyone loves to laugh. So it works great for getting people in and lFundraising With Standup Comedy | Hire a Comedian some great showsoosening up their wallets to contribute to your cause. I’ll give you a few pointers on how to hire the right comedian and maximize your profits.

Hiring a Comedian.

1. Make sure to see video. The comedian should have some video for you to check out.

2. Make sure they have reviews and refferals. A comedian with experience will have these, and it’s a comedian with experience that you need.

3. Make sure they have played fundraisers before. Playing a fundraiser is different than playing a comedy club or bar show. It takes practice and refinement, and not every comedian has done this.

If you are looking to hire a great comedian you can bring me in. If I’m not available I can get you a great one that I personally vetted. I take pride in booking great comedians.


Maximizing profits at your event.

1. Have many points of sale. It’s important to monetize the event with things like raffles and silent auctions. Even if you have a small silent auction it can bring in extra revenue.

2. Make sure to let people know what you are fundraising for. I find the more specific you can be the more people will donate. They like knowing what their money is being used for.

3. Be thankful and polite, but don’t be to pushy. Let them know you appreciate them being here and that will get you better results than telling them directly to spend lots of money.

If you want more information on having a comedy fundraisers please get in touch. My email is or you can call (323) 570-4242.

James Uloth has played and help produce more fundraiser comedy shows across USA and Canada than any other comedian in history. He’s the creator of Raise The Woof and Comedy For The Cure, both have raised millions of dollars. 

Ways To Fundraise | Standup Comedian

Standup comedy is a great way to have a fundraiser. If you are looking for a fun way to raise money, funny fundraisers are a great way to go about it.

The organizations we work with regularly take home between $4,000 and $16,000 for an event. We have even had some that raised over $65,000 in a single night!

Sell tickets, run silent auctions and raffles, have a great time and raise some money. It’s that simple! Well, it sounds simple, but it does take some work. I can give you some advice on how to make yours a great success.

1. Actively sell tickets. It’s not enough to just put up a poster at the local groccery store. You’ll need to be actively engaging social media, newspapers, tv and your social circle. All the time you’ll be educating them on why you’re fundraising, so the advertising and selling of tickets is always a great opportunity to educate the public.

Use the comedy show as a catalyst to be in the public eye; it’s the conversation starter. So now, you’re raising money and spreading awareness.

2. Have adequate people to help set up the showroom and run admissions. Does your venue run the admissions? If not, get some crack people on the door to greet your patrons and collect ticket revenue.

3. Monetize the event. Make sure to have points of sale to increase revenue. Have 50/50 draws, raffles and silent auctions. There is a great amount of additional funding to be made off these.

4. Be thankful and treat the audience as people supporting, don’t give it the “just give me your money” feel. Make them all aware of what the money is being used for. People like to know some details and also love to see progress that their donations are bringing.

People want to know that their donations are making a difference, it’s the psychology of giving.

“Can you donate money to my Boy Scout troop?”

“My Boy Scout troop is raising money to send me to camp so I don’t grow up to be sponge that lives off the government and eats to much high fructose corn syrup.”

We’d all give the donation to ole sweet tooth, because we got a great story. People feel they made the world a better place by preventing a serious sugar addiction and making a citizen out of that boy.

Fundraising With Standup Comedy | Hire a Comedian

The most important part of fundraising with a standup comedy event, is to get the right comedian. The following tips will help walk you through the whole process.

1. There are lots of comedians out there but there are very few who are good at fundraiser events and that can or will tailor their act to bring an amazing show. Make sure you get a comedian who has experience playing fundraisers.

James has played 100’s of fundraisers!

2. Does the comedian have video and a website? A professional working comedian will have some videos and a website for you to look at. Fundraising With Standup Comedy | Hire a Comedian some great shows

James keeps an up to date website, and has plenty of videos for you to check out.

3. Does the comedian have reviews and referral’s? If he has a lot of experience playing events, they should have a list of referrals and reviews to show you.

James has plenty of reviews and referrals. Check out his website and see the bottom of the page.

4. Know your audience. Do you have a general idea of the demographic who’s coming to support your event? It’s ok if you don’t know, it just means you should select a comedian who can play for a broad demographic.

James can play nearly anything, his diverse act keeps him busy and his ability to work clean or dirty. Tell him the level of content you want and thats the show he will bring!

5. Is the comedian available? Did you go through the whole process and know the comedian isn’t even available for your event. The best comedians book up quickly, so when you know your going to go with comedy, be sure to start securing a comedian.

If James is busy and cannot make your show, he can help find you an amazing comedian that will. We have a group of comics with lots of experience and can bring some great laughs to your event.

6. Is the comedian easy to work with on and off stage? Sometimes a comedian will be really funny but turns out they are uptight and rude offstage. It happens! Oh no, another thing you have to worry about.

If you hire James Uloth he comes with many referrals and prides himself on being easy to work with and loves mingling with the audience.


Fundraising With Standup Comedy | Hire a Comedian referrals Fundraising With Standup Comedy | Hire a Comedian reviews

Tips on Fundraising with Standup Comedy | Hire a Comedian For a Fundraiser

Fundraising can be a daunting task, but using a standup comedy show can be a great way to bring in those dollars. Here are some pointers on having a great event.

1. Get the right comedian: Having the right comedian is essential to having a successful event. Make sure to watch video, read reviews and check to see if they have a busy tour schedule.

James Uloth has all of those! 

2. Have plenty of volunteers to help sell tickets: Having social media, newspapers, radio help promote is great. The word of mouth will really generate when you get people to help sell tickets.

3. Take plenty of pictures: People want to see the event was a success, if you photo a bunch of fun pictures, people will be inspired to come to your future events. Office Christmas Party Hire a Comedian

4. Make sure to thank people and make them feel appreciated: Supporters want to know they are appreciated, they also want to know what the money is being used for. The more specific the better! Humans want to see a tangible goal and work towards it.

5. Be positive when speaking of the event: If someone asks “Is the show going to be funny?”. The answer is always “Yes”. Because you spent the time to hire the right comedian. “Its going to be a really fun time!”.

6. Status updates on Facebook go along way: If you have all of your friends and volunteers put a status update like ” I’m going to the comedy show next Saturday, I’m excited! its in support of (Blank)”.

7. Sell table packages: Does your venue have tables? If so offer a deal like buy 8 tickets and you get your own table. You’d be surprised how many people would rather buy a couple extra tickets and find friends to come, just so they can be baller and have their own table.

8. Customize the event with your flare: Its time, you have these supporters out. Spend the extra time (I know there is never enough) to put your touch on the event. Go to the dollar store and buy some table cloths and some other decorations to make it look that much better.

9. Monetize your event: Raffles, silent auctions, games etc. These can bring in a significant amount of funds with a low cost. Think of some fun games with prizes you can charge a few dollars to play.

10. Merchandise: Do you have some merchandise you can sell i.e. T-Shirts, sweaters, sweat pants? Make something fun that people will want to buy.


If you are looking to hire a great standup comedian, have James Uloth play your event. If he is already booked he can help find you an amazing comedian.

On top of being an international headliner, James is the creator and producer of 2 of the largest fundraiser comedy tours in the world. Comedy For The Cure and Raise The Woof, each have raised over $1Million dollars.

For more informations email or call (323) 570-4242 (HAHA).

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Hire a Comedian | Standup Corporate Comedy by James Uloth hire comedian

Fundraising With Standup Comedy | How-To Guide

Fundraising with standup comedy doesn’t have to be difficult. This how-to guide will walk you through the steps of having a successful and highly entertaining event.

1. Is comedy right for you? Comedy is a terrific way to not only entertain your base supporters with an exciting new event, but to draw in others from the community with the appeal of standup comedy. So yes, comedy is right for you.

2. Hire the right comedians. Nothing will ruin a comedy night faster than unexperienced comedians. A fundraisers is unique, its not like a comedy club or bar room show, it takes finesse. We can help you find the right comedian – we have tours that go across USA and Canada and we can route the right comics in for you.

We produce over 40 comedy shows a year.
We produce over 40 comedy shows a year, and have been directly involved in raising over $2,000,00 for various groups.

3. Have a fair budget for a good comedian. My favorite saying is good comedians aren’t cheap and cheap comedians aren’t good. A professional comedian works most of the year doing standup comedy; this means they need to make enough from the events they play to feed their family, travel to the gig, etc. This means the best comedian are selective of the gigs they take. We have a good collection of comedians we trust and that will do a great job.

We work very hard to be able to route comedians into tours. This means we are actually very competitive in our pricing. When we can get a comedian out for a string of gigs, it cuts their operating expenses down, and that means we can offer you a better price on a national level comedian.

4. Pick a good event date. Try not to compete with any huge events in your community; typically there is no perfect date. There will always be something going on, thats the law of averages. But try and stay away from huge annual events that the whole town goes to like the annual chili cook off.

5. Get a good core of volunteers to help with the event. Not only to spread the word, as word of mouth is the best advertising but to help with any lifting. If you have to set up a room, hang posters, gather silent auction items and raffles it really helps to have many hands on deck.

If you have any questions or would like to book James Uloth or another comedian, please get in touch or call (323) 570 – 4242.


Fundraiser | Hire Standup Comedian

James Uloth is the #1 choice when hiring a comedian for a fundraiser. He regularly performs at fundraising events and has become a favorite in cities across USA and Canada. When you need a comedian for your event, hire James Uloth.
Fundraiser Hire Standup Comedian
Some things to consider when hiring a comedian:

1. Will the comedian be able to perform within the guidelines set by the organization they are performing for? What type of comedy do you want content wise? Clean, middle of the road, or anything goes? James can provide what ever level you want, let him know and thats the show he will bring.

2. Will the comedian be a professional? You need a comedian with the experience in pulling off a fundraiser event. They are different than playing a comedy club, it takes a special skill. James has played 100’s of fundraisers over his career.

3. Is the comedian easy to work with? Did you hire a funny comedian but it turns out they are a diva… You’re trying to run an event and they are complaining about the brand of water you supplied? James has lots of reviews and referrals, he prides himself on being easy to work with.

4. Is the comedian available for the proposed date? James keeps an up to date tour schedule listed on his website. He can sometimes move things around to accommodate. If he is unavailable we can help you find a comedian of high calibre who is.

James on top of being a comedian is also the creator of 2 of the largest fundraiser comedy tours in the world. Comedy For The Cure and Raise The Woof have both raised over $1,000,000 each and continue to provide great annual events in over 40 cities.

If you need a comedian with experience, and the ability to play your fundraiser, hire James Uloth. Please message or call (323) 570-4242 for more information.

Fundraiser Standup Comedy by James Uloth hire a comedian

book a Comedian Hire Fundraiser Standup Comedy by James Uloth