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Hire a Corporate Comedian, James Uloth.

Looking for a Christmas Party Comedian? James Uloth has been performing clean standup comedy at Christmas Parties since 2003. With the ability to work squeaky clean for an all ages show, or upon request more adult oriented. James has become one of the most requested comedians for Christmas parties, any questions about booking James please get in touch. We would love to entertain your party. James is available across USA and Canada, playing over 3000 shows in his career he is accustomed to tailoring his act for your needs. Chances are he may be doing as how near you soon, so if you want some great comedy entertainment at your Christmas Party, please get in touch today. 

Book a Comedian For a Christmas Party

If you need to book a comedian for your Christmas party or holiday event, book James Uloth. If you want clean comedy or something more risqué, let James know and he’ll tailor his act to exactly what you want. book a christmas party comedy show

James Uloth has played 100’s of Christmas parties over his long career, with a long list or referrals, reviews, and videos! Take the guess work out of booking a comedian, hire James Uloth.

November , December and January are busy months for standup comics. When you want to book a comedian for your christmas party keep this in mind and try to book as far in advance as you can. That being said, don’t worry if you are late to the gate, send us an email and lets make it happen. If James happens to be unavailable we have a roster of other comics that can provide you with great entertainment.

When its time to make the decision on what entertainment to have for your Christmas party, comedy is a great unifier, laughter is a powerful tool. When we are happy we laugh, when we are sad its time for a good laugh. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a great event with a professional, funny, clean comedian.
book a clean comedian for a christmas party

“James kept the crowd in stitches”
Airdrie City View

“From all the comments you were both a hit. Way to go!”
Barber Motors

“Best night of entertainment I’ve ever had … So many people were laughing so hard and having a blast.”
Meadow Lake Humane Society

“Thank You for doing a great show for us at the mighty pits rescue”
Mighty Pits Rescue

“Thank you sooo much from Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary& Friends Forever Humane Society for the GREAT show Friday night! Can’t wait till next year!!!!”
Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary


James Uloth reveiws from comedy shows


When its time to hire a comedian, get Christmas Party Comedy by James Uloth.

Christmas Party Comedian

Are you looking for entertainment at you Christmas party or holiday event? Comedy is the perfect accent to your party atmosphere and its all about choosing the right comedian. James Uloth has played Christmas parties for small companies of 20 people or for multinational companies of 1000’s of people. He will make your event a memorable and fun time. Clean Christmas Party Comedian James Uloth

With a long resume James has been delivering high caliber comedy at Christmas parties since 2003. Don’t take the risk of getting the wrong comedian! With a long list of referrals , videos and ongoing tour dates, James Uloth is a perfect standup comic for your event. If you want squeaky clean comedy for an all ages show or something more adult oriented, let James know and he can bring the show that you want.

Questions you should ask before hiring a Christmas party comedian?

1. Will the comedian be able to provide none offensive comedy that we can all enjoy? James Uloth can provide squeaky clean comedy for your Christmas party or he can do something middle of the road, or more adult oriented. Let him know what you want, and thats what he will bring.

2. How much does it cost to hire a comedian? It all depends on the date, the amount of people at the event, and where the show is taking place. James can give you an exact quote, please send us a message and we can get you all set up for a night of fantastic comedy at your Christmas party.

3. We checked out James’s tour dates section, it looks like he’s booked the same date we wanted? Sometimes James is able to switch around his schedule to accommodate. He can also help find you another great comedian to fill the spot. We work with a select number of headliner comedians that can also bring a great show to your party.

To get in touch please email call 323-570-4242 (HAHA) or fill out the form below.


Reviews of Corporate Comedian James Uloth

Christmas Party Standup Comedy

Looking for the perfect Christmas party comedian? Have James Uloth play clean comedy for your holiday event.

Since 2003 James has been performing at Christmas parties, corporate events, and holiday celebrations. If you are in need of a comedian who can make your Christmas party a fun memorable one, James Uloth is right for you.

Its important when hiring a comedian, to find one that will meet your needs. James has the ability to play squeaky clean to something more adult oriented, what ever you request he will provide. With 100’s of Christmas parties and 1000’s of shows played, James Uloth can bring the funny to your companies party.Christmas Party Comedian James Uloth

Some things to remember when booking Christmas Party Standup comedy. It takes a lot of experience to play a Holiday event, so please consider the following.

1. Will the comedian bring a show that will make everyone laugh? Yes, James will find the level of the room and make a memorable hilarious night.

2. We have some older and some really young people coming to the party, will the comedy be offensive? No, James will provide the perfect entertainment for your Christmas party. He has played shows for all ages, and he’s played retirement homes.

3. How can I book a comedian for my Christmas party? Get in touch with James Uloth today. Get in touch anytime day or night, if you want your Christmas party to have the best entertainment, book James Uloth.

Please email or call 323-570-4242. Or fill out the form below.

If you see James is busy on his tour date schedule, sometimes he is able to switch thing around to accommodate. We also have a network of other headliner Christmas party comedians we can route in for you.

Lethbridge Christmas Party Comedy

Just wrapped up wonderful Christmas party comedy show in Lethbridge Alberta. It was for all the McDonalds in the area including those in Coaldale, Taber, and Pincher Creek. It was the 2nd Christmas Party they booked me for this season, the first was for all the management and this one was for the restaurant workers and the management. Its a great compliment to be asked back to perform again, and I always appreciate it.

The audience was an even split of 14-18 year olds, the other half was 35 and over. They had estimated that 150-200 people were coming out, but 250 showed up. I’d like to think it was because the word of my comedy got out, but I’m guessing the free dinner helped 😉

Clean Corporate Comedian Plays McDonads Christmas PartyThe age range made for a really interesting and fun point to play off of. As usual I showed up early to get the inside scoop, and since I had played an event for them only 3 weeks prior, I still had some inside jokes to make the event fun and personal.

Lethbridge, Alberta (or LA as they call it) is a beautiful city but the weather wasn’t really co-operating.  A snow storm blew in over night and made the roads an icy mess.  When you play around 50-100 corporate shows a year, you learn fast to prepare and always leave plenty of drive time for inclement weather.

It seems people in cold climates that require lots of inside time, really enjoy comedy! I love to bring it for them.

Corporate Comedian Lethbridge Alberta

If you are in need of a clean corporate comedian that can play an all ages show, please get in touch. I do shows across Canada and the USA. Chances are I will be doing a show near you in the future, from BC to Newfoundland and from California to New York, I have jokes and will travel.

When you need Lethbridge Christmas Party Comedy,  have James Uloth.

(323) 570-HAHA (4242)

Christmas Party Comedian

Looking for a Christmas Party Comedian? James Uloth has been performing at Christmas Party’s since 2003. He’s played 100’s of Christmas Parties and 1000’s of shows.

Christmas Party Comedian James Uloth

Being able to play anything from squeaky clean to more adult oriented comedy club style upon request, tell him what you would like.

If you are looking for a Christmas Party Comedian, James will be perfect for your event.

Not every comedian can play a Christmas Party, it takes years of experience and an ability to tailor an act. When looking for a Comedian, remember that good comedy isn’t cheap and that cheap comedy isn’t good. With that in mind, we make every effort to stay competitive in our pricing. Please email or call us today for more information. You can also use the contact form at the bottom of the page.
(323) 570-(4242)

A few examples of major organizations James has done shows for are: McDonalds, Halliburton, Paramedic Convention, Doctors of Calgary, FMC Technologies…. the list goes on.


“From all the comments you were both a hit. Way to go!”
Barber Motors

“Best night of entertainment I’ve ever had … So many people were laughing so hard and having a blast. ”
Meadow Lake Humane Society

“Thank you for a great show in Morden last evening & for coming to see our shelter this morning.
Pembina Valley Humane Society, Morden MB

“Thank You for doing a great show for us at the mighty pits rescue”
Janie Whitmer, Might Pits Rescue

“Thank you sooo much from Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary& Friends Forever Humane Society for the GREAT show Friday night! Can’t wait till next year!!!!”
Beth Randall,Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary


1. Is there video of James we can revue? Yes please check out the video section.

2. Will James interact with the audience? Yes, James can interact with the audience and make the show feel more personal. He can also if you request stick to his regular pre written act.

3. Is James family friendly? He can play anything from squeaky clean for all ages, to more adult oriented or anything in the middle. Let him know what you will like and he will make it happen.

4. Is it just James or will the be an opening act? Typically James will bring an opening act to warm the crowd up.

We are very easy to work with and would love to hear from you. If you have Christmas Party Comedian needs or a comedian for any other reason please get in touch. If James is busy we also represent a group of other headliner comedians that can provide you with an amazing show.


Christmas Party Comedian and Corporate Comedian James Uloth