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Hire a Comedian in Winnipeg | Comedy by James Uloth

Looking to hire a comedian for an event in Dauphin, Flin Flon, Brandon, Thompson, Winnipeg or anywhere in between? James has become one of the most requested comedian across Manitoba.

James can perform anything from squeaky clean, middle of the road or adult content performance. Let him know the level of content you want and that’s the show James will bring. Since 2003 he has been delivering highly received comedy across Western Canada. corporate comedian for hire Winnipeg

With lots of reviews, videos and tour dates, he stays active in Comedy and brings an amazing show! His act is perfect for Christmas parties, fundraisers and corporate events. Playing over 3,000 shows across 4 different countries, James fast becomes an audience favourite where ever he goes.

When its time to hire a comedian for your holiday party, your office function, corporate retreat, fundraisers, gold tournaments or any other comedian needs, James will be the perfect comic. His speciality is western Canada and making the people of Winnipeg laugh is always a good time.

Hiring a comedian shouldn’t be hard. There are 3 easy steps you should ask yourself.

1. Will the comedian bring an appropriate show? James can deliver any style content you want.

2. Does the comedian have the experience to pull off a great performance? James has many reviews and videos for you to check out. When it comes to comedy experience is king.

3. Is the comedian available? The best comedians have their calendars fill up fast. When you know you want a comedian it’s great to get the dialogue started. Please email today and get a quick quote and any questions answered.

Please email (323) 570- HAHA or fill in the contact form below.

comedian for hire in Winnipeg hire comedian in Winnipeg

I Lost 25lbs and Nobody Noticed

I lost 25lbs and nobody noticed. It was like I partly disappeared. I should have written a blog and told people how I did it. It was part of a radical diet I’m calling “Eating Less and Excercising More.” I quit drinking beer and had a few solid weeks at the Jiu Jitsu club; I think that really helped.

In the Me Generation of Internet junkies, it is almost impossible to try and lose weight without documenting it across several social media platforms. People didn’t notice the new pep in my step,  but I felt a big difference and when I looked at the morning post-poop scale, I went from 210lbs to a respectful 185lbs.

Never weigh yourself midday, or even after a glass of water. You have to step on that confidence meter naked with a dry mouth as not to skew your results. I shaved my beard, clipped my finger nails, and that tipped it to a 25lb weight loss.

Look at my amazing before and after results photo.

There are lots of people to thank for this, my cat mostly. Instead of leaving a dead bird on my doorstep, he left a slice of pizza. I took the hint. Thanks little buddy.


James Uloth

Western Canada Christmas Party Comedy Tour | Hire Comedian

have comedy at your christmas party hire comedianDo you know anyone having a company Christmas party between December 10-17? Have them be part of the Christmas Party Comedy Tour.  Mention the promo code “I want my employees to know how amazing I am by hiring a comedian for our party”.

In the midst of the recession, it’s important to get some laughter in. We wanted to be able to make having comedy for a Christmas party more affordable, so we cut down my expenses by offering bulk pricing by combining show dates into a tour.

Available across western Canada, which is James’s specialty.  He’s played over 3,000 shows in 4 different countries and will bring an amazing show to your party.

The content can be squeaky clean, middle of the road or anything goes. You choose, and thats the show he will perform.

He’s played everything from all ages shows, events for giant corporations like McDonalds and Halliburton and he also regularly play smaller shows for local companies of 30 people or less.

Please inquire through the contact form below

James Uloth

email call (323) 570 – HAHA (4242)

Western Canada Christmas Party Comedy Tour  3

Western Canada Christmas Party Comedy Tour 2

How To Hire A Comedian | Comedian For Hire

Not all comedians are created equal and I’ll help walk you through finding the perfect one for your event. Choosing the right comedian to hire comes down to 3 simple rules.

How To Hire A Comedian

1. See Video:  Don’t hire a comedian unless you have seen them live or reviewed some video. There are many people who claim to be a comedian but not all comedian are created equal. Make sure to hire a comedian who has the experience to bring the funny in any circumstance.

2. See Referalls and Reviews: Any comedian who has experience will have reviews and referalls on their website. See mine at the bottom of this page, also see my tour dates for how many annual events I’m invited back to.

Being able to perform for a diverse audience takes years of practice, get the comedian who has put in the time!

3. See Budget: How much of a budget have you put together? If you are having a great event don’t try and buy cheap comedy, because that’s what you will get.

I keep my prices competive for the comedians at my level. You’ll see most comedians who are good will charge between $1,500 and $3,500 per event. There are some really busy days for comedians spread across the calender that are usually in the Christmas party season. These are always more expensive as lots of gigs coming in and comedians can be choosy.

Follow these 3 steps and you’ll get a great comedian. If you want more info, advice, or to hire a comedian please get in touch through email or call (323) 570-4242 (HAHA)

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comedians for hire 3


How to hire a comedian? Finding this page was the first step. Thanks for reading and let me know any questions you may have. I have become one of the most requested comedian in North America for a reason, my professionalism and my ability to deliver an amazing show. But don’t take my word for it, read the reviews and see the tour dates.

Hire Comedian in Grande Prairie | Comedy by James Uloth

Looking to hire a comedian in Grande Prairie or other areas of the Peace River Country? James Uloth can provide the laughter. Since 2003, James has been performing across western Canada and the rest of the world.Comedian For hire in Alberta

If you need a comedian who can make Albertans laugh, James is that comic. Playing over 3,000 shows in 4 different countries, he is an expert at making people laugh for corporate events, Christmas parties, fundraisers and any other comedy needs.

Originally from small town Alberta, James splits his time between western Canada and Los Angeles. He regularly tours around Northern Alberta and the rest of Canada.

Not all comedians are created equal. Make sure to check out videos and the great reviews from James’s shows. You can find them at the bottom of this page or on the video tab.

James has been featured in the SLO comedy festival, Edinburgh Festival, seen on Jimmy Kimmel and heard on Satellite radio. When you need a comedian with lots of experience making the people of Alberta laugh, you need James Uloth.

He can be versatile in his performance. Let him know the level of content you want, and thats the show he will bring.

Do you need squeaky clean? Not a problem.

Do you need something middle of the road with no swearing? James will gladly do that.

Do you need adult-oriented anything goes? Yes, James can provide that as well.

Let James know the level of show you want and that’s the show he will bring. If he is not available he can also help find you other comedians.

To get in touch email or call (323) 570-4242 (HAHA) or fill in contact form below. Availble across the Peace Country area.

Hire comedian in Grande Prairie Comedian for hire Grande Prairie


Comedians For Hire | Comedy by James Uloth

Looking for the right comedian to hire for your event? James Uloth can provide you with a fantastic night of standup comedy. Since 2003 James has been providing entertainment across Canada and USA. comedians for hire | James Uloth

Want a clean show? Not a problem, James can give you what ever style content you want, from squeaky clean to more adult. Let him know the level of content you want and thats the show he’ll bring.

Hiring a comedian doesn’t need to be a long drawn out affair. Check out James’s reviews and videos, he’ll streamline the booking process for you. The most important part to hiring a comedian is to get one with lots of expertise in playing events.

Your corporate function, Christmas party or fundraiser will be made amazing with some standup comedy. Laughter is a great unifier!

Some things to consider when booking a comedian:

1. Location: James tours across Canada and USA regularly, and can route you into his tour schedule.

2. Price: Please use the contact form below to find out pricing for your area.

3. Time: You can pick how long you want the show to be from 15-75 mins.

4. Content of material: Do you want squeaky clean, middle of the road or anything goes? Let James know the level of show you are looking for and thats what he’ll bring.

5. Equipment: James needs a vocal mic and preferably a stage that is lit so you can see him.

6. Transportation: James usually arranges his own transportation and will work the price into the cost of the show.

7. Reviews: Please see bottom of the page!

To get in touch email or call (323) 570-4242 (HAHA) or fill in contact form below. I’m available across USA and Canada.

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comedians for hire 2


What to do when you see someones dog | Comedian James Uloth

You see a dog. The first thing you want to do is run up and pet it while making kissing noises. Did you know this is actually a jerk move? Yes, you can frighten some dogs – and people – not every dog is as eager to give a stranger affection.petting a dog

A dog is a pack animal and if it doesn’t think you are part of it’s pack, it can take your signs of affection as aggression. You should always ask someone if they mind if you pet their dog.  Aren’t dogs cool? I love them and want to do whats best for them.

Some dogs like to be pet behind the ears and some like belly rubs. Sometimes the little dog is the boss of the big dog, and sometimes the big dog is the most cuddliest.

I’m not a scientist, but when dogs evolved they learned how to steal our hearts. I feel we owe them something for their loyalty and kindness. One of the major problems facing our pets is overpopulation. It is important to have your dog and cat spayed or neutered.

It improves the quality of life for all pets when we have population control. Both cats and dogs can breed very quickly and exceed the capacities of rescues and shelters.

what to do when you see a dog
Some of our shows, the tour goes across USA and Canada!

How can you help? Well, first of all be an advocate for your local animal rescue. Share their posts of animals needing homes, donate some money towards their continued operations and offer help when they need it.

My comedy tour, Raise The Woof has raised over 1 million and counting for animal rescues. What if I told you all you had to do was come out and laugh for an evening of entertainment, and you’d be helping out abandoned and homeless animals?

Laughter is a powerful thing, please support your local animal rescue. For more info on what we do email or call (323) 570 – HAHA (4242) or use the contact form below.

james uloth reveiews for corporate and fundraisers

fundraising for animal rescues comedy show



How To Fundraise With A Standup Comedy Show

Looking to have a comedy fundraiser but don’t know where to start? I’ll walk you through the whole process, from picking the right comedian, to how to monetize that event.

1. Pick the right comedian. Choose a comedian who has lots of videos and reviews from past shows. Make sure they have experience playing fundraisers, as they are different than playing comedy clubs or corporate events. You’ll want to impress the audience and not offend any of your supporters.

2. Promote the event. Split the tickets up amongst your volunteers to actively sell them. Use the media to not only promote the show but tell everyone about why you are fundraising. How To Fundraise With A Standup Comedy Show some sucessful shows

3. Make sure to gather silent auction and raffle items. There is a huge amount of funding to made off these.

4. Decorate the venue if possible. Have fun and decorate the venue, give it a personal touch so the attendees know you put in the effort.

5. Let everyone at the event know how much you appreciate their support. Let people know why you are raising money and what it will be used for. People like to hear they are making a difference and it will also motivate them to donate more if you are trying to reach a goal.

If you want an experienced comedian to play your event, look no further. I have played 100’s of fundraisers over my career and have many videos an reviews for you to check out.

If I’m unavailable for the show I can also find you some comedians who will be perfect for you.

To get in touch please email or call (323) 570-4242 (HAHA) or fill in contact form below. I’m available across USA and Canada.

How To Fundraise With A Standup Comedy Show reviews

How To Fundraise With A Standup Comedy Show more reveiws

5 Hacks For Airplane Travel From A Comedian

Here are some travel tips that can help you make your next trip a little more enjoyable.

1. You need noise-canceling headphones. Want to imagine you’re anywhere else except on an airplane with a screaming kid? Get noise-canceling headphones!

Listen to a podcast and imagine you’re not on a sky bus being jet propelled through the air. Look deep into the eyes of the child screaming “Dad. Dad. Dad” and just let him know you can’t hear him. Bose makes you the boss.

5 hacks for airplane travel
Bose headphones, because putting a muzzle on a screaming child is illegal and immoral.

2. Take out all your frustrations on airport employees, or maybe not. It’s the persons job to check everyone’s ID’s and boarding passes. They are not responsible for the plane being delayed.

These are the people you should make friends with. They have the power to get you on a different flight or upgrade your seat. Also being nice to people when you are frustrated will make you feel better, try it.

Excuse me, I'd like for you arrange another plane to pick me up. I'm very important.
Excuse me, I’d like for you to arrange another plane to pick me up. I’m very important.

3. I can never find the yoga studio at the airport. Not really a travel tip but I see a lot of people walking around in yoga pants / workout clothes, and I can never find the gym?

Now boarding downward dog.
Now boarding downward dog.

4. Bring a snack! Or you can pay $12 for some over salted cashews at the airport convenience store. You can get stuck waiting to take off on the runway and if you’re already been delayed a little, a snack goes a long way. A protein bar might even stop you from going low blood sugar postal.

bring snacks on airplane
Can you guess who brought snacks?

5. You’re allowed to bring your own booze. Well kind of, you can pack a bunch of child size liquor bottles into a zip lock bag.  Make sure each bottle meets the size requirements for liquids to bring onboard. Nobody is the wiser until you have a few too many and start telling everyone how much you love them.

fly with your own booze on a plane
This should help you get through those boring safety announcements.

Thanks for reading. I’m very fortunate to travel the world performing standup comedy. I enjoy making people laugh and being part of an event. If you need a comedian for a corporate event, fundraiser or Christmas party please get in touch.

5 Airplane Travel Tips From A Standup Comedian

The whole process of flying can be a daunting adventure. My hacks will make your life easier.

1. Packing tight to save time and those luggage fees. Skip the $25 each way luggage fee and the tiring wait at the luggage carousel by efficiently packing that carryon. I can check my bag on many airlines for free, but I still don’t because they either wreck them faster than a Hollywood marriage, or loose them like a Disney characters parents.

Hot Tip: Use the entire volume of your carryon, by rolling your clothes. Pile them neatly and roll them tight, you’d be surprised how wrinkle-free they can stay and how many extras you can bring.

roll your clothes to save room
Around 8 t-shirts, 3 pairs of pants, a weeks worth of underwear and socks rolled up tight. 

2. Use the hotels shower caps to cover your packed shoes. Do you travel with dress shoes or running shoes? Use those clever caps to cover your kicks and put them into your bag without contaminating your entire suitcase with public restroom floor transfer.


3. Hey, I forgot where I parked at the airport! Take a picture of your parking spot and ticket stub.  Make sure to get the car in the picture also, who remembers what car they drive, rocket scientists maybe?

Comedians guide to travel take picture of parking spot
Have a picture of the details on the parking stub. If the stub is lost, show the attenedant the picture, and watch how much they don’t care. They get mad at anything  taking away from checking Facebook on their iPhone. But in theory, it could work.

Ahh the Jimmy Kimmel show, I got edited out of the final sketch but still got free parking aka The Monopoly consolation prize.

4. Check into your flight online! Save yourself the agony of waiting in a line full of tourists and scalawags.

Hot Tip: A lot of airlines let you use digital tickets on your phone. But I really don’t want to hand a slippery fingered security guard who has to scan 600 boarding passes in 15 minutes an $800 smart phone.

drop phone at airport
Absolutely smashing

5. Collect air miles, they make you feel important. If there is a fall in currency, you never know… maybe even air miles will be considered the new money. It’s like in prison when you find out how many cigarettes you’re worth.


Thats enough for 3 round trips. It doesn't include taxes or days that you would actually want to go somewhere.
Thats enough for 3 round trips. It doesn’t include taxes or days that you would actually want to go somewhere.

 If you fly with one airline all the time, you can build up some nice perks. So, show your loyalty and kneel before your chosen king of the airlines and serve no other masters.

Thanks for reading.. If you need a comedian for a corporate event, fundraiser or Christmas party please get in touch.