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Corporate Event & Private Party Comedian | Comedy By James Uloth

James Brings a Custom Show For All Events

From 20 people or less for a small company, to a Christmas party of Hilarious comedian for hire400 people for multinational companies. James brings a hilarious show, that stays within the content boundaries you want. When you need a comedian you can trust, you need James Uloth.

Hundreds of Companies Have Hired James For Their Events

Hire a standup comedian who has captivated companies and associations of all sizes across the United States and Canada.

His side splitting show communicates the hilarious contradictions Hire corporate comedian | clean comedian for hirethat have become the status quo. His ability to point out the obvious brings out the hilarity we walk by every day, and reminds of how much humor is in everyday life.

Companies like Mcdonalds, Halliburton and small local companies have all hired and enjoyed James’s show.

A Comedian for All Ages and Audiences

Events in bars and comedy clubs can be adult material and usually anything goes. Since 2003 James have been playing clean corporate comedy shows and can adapt to any room. Being a long time performer on the comedy scene, if you want adult material James can bring that show as well.


Hiring a comedian doesn’t need to be a hard task. Follow a few simple rules and you’ll get the best comedian possible.

1. Does the comedian have experience playing corporate events? James has been performing comedy since 2003

2. Does the comedian have reviews, referrals, and video for you to check out? James has all of these.

3. Is the comedian available? Please use the contact methods below and find out if James can play your event.


To contact James for booking or more info  please email or call (323) 570 – HAHA. Or fill out the form below.


  • Corporate Events
  • Company Parties
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Country Clubs
  • Fundraisers




Hire Comedian in Kelowna | James Uloth

If you are looking to hire a comedian in Kelowna or the rest of the Okanagan Valley, you’ll want to check out James Uloth. Since 2003 James has been delivering his hilarious brand of comedy across Western Canada.

Playing over 3,000 shows in 4 different countries, he has become a favourite  for corporate events. He is also brought in for manyChristmas parties and fundraisers. With an ability to work at any content level, James is sought after for not only his clean show, but his adult oriented show as well. corporate comedian for hire Winnipeg

If you want to hire a comedian that speaks to a western Canada audience, James will bring you an amazing show filled with laughter. Always pointing out the obvious, his act feels tailored to the affair. Watch as he politely interacts with the audience and brings out those pink elephants in the room.

A comedian for a corporate event doesn’t need to be bland and barely funny, get a comedian with the reviews that shows how amazing his show is. James has been featured at comedy festivals around the world, he is also regularly heard on satellite radio.

Splitting his time between BC and Los Angeles, and every where in between. James ability to play to a diverse audience keeps him busy, and his fun professional demeanor keep him getting asked back.

Thanks for reading and when you need to hire a comedian, get in touch and we’ll provide you with fun entertainment. In addition to having James Uloth we also have other comedians available.

To reach James please email or call (323) 570 – HAHA. Or fill out the form below.

Hire Comedian in Kelowna | James Uloth Kelowna comedian | Hire

Hire Comedian British Columbia | James Uloth

Looking to hire a comedian for your show in BC? James Uloth provides high quality entertainment across British Columbia and the rest of western Canada. From Kelowna and Kamloops to Vancouver and Surrey. If you need a comedian with world experience and can play for a diverse crowd, James Uloth is your comic.

Playing over 3,000 shows in 4 different countries, James is a well seasoned professional. With lots of reviews, referrals and videos for you to check out. James has a long resume of making people laugh and being a professional, dependable standup comedian.

When you want to hire a comic you’ll want to hire a comic who has the following:

1. Experience in playing your style of event: Are you hiring a comic for a corporate event? Do you need a comedian who can work clean? James can work anything from squeaky clean, middle of the road or adult content, if requested. Let James know the level of show and that’s the atmosphere he will bring.

2. Review some video: Make sure the comedian you want to hire has some videos for you to check out.

3. Is the comedian available? If you check James’s schedule and he is already booked, sometimes he can switch gigs around to accommodate. Please get in touch and lets make a memorable hilarious show happen.

To reach James please email or call (323) 570 – HAHA. Or fill out the form below.

BC comedian for hire Hire Comedian | BC comedy

James has become a favorite comedian across Western Canada for fundraisers, Christmas parties, and corporate events. Get more information on hiring him for your event, and have some funny delivered directly to you.

Hire Canadian Corporate Comedian | James Uloth

Looking to hire a comedian for your corporate event? James Uloth has become one of Canada’s most requested standup comedians. Since 2003 James have been bringing his brand of humour across Canada and the USA. Playing 1000’s of shows.

If you need a standup comic for Christmas party, corporate event, or fundraiser it’s time to hire the comedian who has the long resume and the ability to deliver a terrific show. Having entertaiment at a private event doesn’t need to be bland, James delivers a well reviewed show and makes every event feel personalized.

From Vancouver to Halifax and everywhere in between, if your looking for Canada’s #1 corporate comedian, you just found him. With a long list of reviews, a busy tour schedule, and videos for you to check out, it should come as no surprise why James is one of the busiest comedians to ever come out of Canada.

With an ability to work squeaky clean, middle of the road, or adultd oriented, let James know the level of content you want and that’s the show he will bring. With polite banter and observations, James leaves the audience with a personalized feeling like the show was written just for them.

To get in touch and receive more information please email call (323) 570-4242 or use the contact form below.

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Hire a comedian in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskathewan, Manitboa, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. James can play your clean corporate event, or have a more adult oriented  material show upon request. Have comedy at any social occasion, and if you decide to have comedy, bring James Uloth out to provide the laughter.

Youth Hockey Fundraiser Comedy Night | Hire A Comedian

Looking to have a youth hockey fundraiser comedy night? I can help walk you through the whole process in how to have a successful fundraiser. Get that extra funding to help with those expensive ice fees, equipment and travel.

The first part to having a great fundraiser is to hire amazing comedians. I’ll give you a few quick pointers.

1. Watch video: See video of the comedian, make sure they are funny and appropriate for your event.

Check out my videos.

2. Decide the level of content and make sure the comedian can deliver what you want: Will you have an all ages show, adults only with anything goes, or do you want something middle of the road?

I perform at and help provide comedians for between 60-100 fundraisers a year. I have become an expert at picking the right comics for the gig, and can offer my performance at any content level you request.Youth Hockey Fundraiser Comedy Night how to fundraiser for hockey

3. Is the comedian available: Check their calendar and get in touch.

If you see my calendar is already busy, please get in touch. I can sometimes move gigs around and I can also help find you hilarious comedians.

Now I’ll go through some steps on how to make your event a financial success. It’s the main reason you are holding a fundraiser. You can have many streams of income, here are some of the most common.

1. Ticket sales. The first line of income is from ticket sales, but there are lots more ways to earn revenue.

2. Sponsorships. Put together a good pitch for sponsorships and approach local business to help out.

3. Silent auction. Gather silent auction items. Try getting a variety of price points so that even people who don’t have large incomes can still find a way to contribute a little extra, and people with high incomes can get into a price battle over some fancy stuff.

4. Raffles. Have 50/50 draws, and other prize raffles to get that extra income.

Those are the most common income streams, and we see people raising a take home of between $4,000 – $8,000 quite frequently. We have had some events raise $20,000 or more!

Please let me know any questions you have, for more information and to book myself or other comedians please email, fill out the form below or call (323) 570- HAHA (4242)

reviews Youth Hockey Fundraiser Comedy Night | Hire A Comedian

Youth Hockey Fundraiser Comedy Night | Hire A Comedian hiring a comedian reviews




Hire a Comedian in Winnipeg | Comedy by James Uloth

Looking to hire a comedian for an event in Dauphin, Flin Flon, Brandon, Thompson, Winnipeg or anywhere in between? James has become one of the most requested comedian across Manitoba.

James can perform anything from squeaky clean, middle of the road or adult content performance. Let him know the level of content you want and that’s the show James will bring. Since 2003 he has been delivering highly received comedy across Western Canada. corporate comedian for hire Winnipeg

With lots of reviews, videos and tour dates, he stays active in Comedy and brings an amazing show! His act is perfect for Christmas parties, fundraisers and corporate events. Playing over 3,000 shows across 4 different countries, James fast becomes an audience favourite where ever he goes.

When its time to hire a comedian for your holiday party, your office function, corporate retreat, fundraisers, gold tournaments or any other comedian needs, James will be the perfect comic. His speciality is western Canada and making the people of Winnipeg laugh is always a good time.

Hiring a comedian shouldn’t be hard. There are 3 easy steps you should ask yourself.

1. Will the comedian bring an appropriate show? James can deliver any style content you want.

2. Does the comedian have the experience to pull off a great performance? James has many reviews and videos for you to check out. When it comes to comedy experience is king.

3. Is the comedian available? The best comedians have their calendars fill up fast. When you know you want a comedian it’s great to get the dialogue started. Please email today and get a quick quote and any questions answered.

Please email (323) 570- HAHA or fill in the contact form below.

comedian for hire in Winnipeg hire comedian in Winnipeg

I Lost 25lbs and Nobody Noticed

I lost 25lbs and nobody noticed. It was like I partly disappeared. I should have written a blog and told people how I did it. It was part of a radical diet I’m calling “Eating Less and Excercising More.” I quit drinking beer and had a few solid weeks at the Jiu Jitsu club; I think that really helped.

In the Me Generation of Internet junkies, it is almost impossible to try and lose weight without documenting it across several social media platforms. People didn’t notice the new pep in my step,  but I felt a big difference and when I looked at the morning post-poop scale, I went from 210lbs to a respectful 185lbs.

Never weigh yourself midday, or even after a glass of water. You have to step on that confidence meter naked with a dry mouth as not to skew your results. I shaved my beard, clipped my finger nails, and that tipped it to a 25lb weight loss.

Look at my amazing before and after results photo.

There are lots of people to thank for this, my cat mostly. Instead of leaving a dead bird on my doorstep, he left a slice of pizza. I took the hint. Thanks little buddy.


James Uloth

Western Canada Christmas Party Comedy Tour | Hire Comedian

have comedy at your christmas party hire comedianDo you know anyone having a company Christmas party between December 10-17? Have them be part of the Christmas Party Comedy Tour.  Mention the promo code “I want my employees to know how amazing I am by hiring a comedian for our party”.

In the midst of the recession, it’s important to get some laughter in. We wanted to be able to make having comedy for a Christmas party more affordable, so we cut down my expenses by offering bulk pricing by combining show dates into a tour.

Available across western Canada, which is James’s specialty.  He’s played over 3,000 shows in 4 different countries and will bring an amazing show to your party.

The content can be squeaky clean, middle of the road or anything goes. You choose, and thats the show he will perform.

He’s played everything from all ages shows, events for giant corporations like McDonalds and Halliburton and he also regularly play smaller shows for local companies of 30 people or less.

Please inquire through the contact form below

James Uloth

email call (323) 570 – HAHA (4242)

Western Canada Christmas Party Comedy Tour  3

Western Canada Christmas Party Comedy Tour 2

How To Hire A Comedian | Comedian For Hire

Not all comedians are created equal and I’ll help walk you through finding the perfect one for your event. Choosing the right comedian to hire comes down to 3 simple rules.

How To Hire A Comedian

1. See Video:  Don’t hire a comedian unless you have seen them live or reviewed some video. There are many people who claim to be a comedian but not all comedian are created equal. Make sure to hire a comedian who has the experience to bring the funny in any circumstance.

2. See Referalls and Reviews: Any comedian who has experience will have reviews and referalls on their website. See mine at the bottom of this page, also see my tour dates for how many annual events I’m invited back to.

Being able to perform for a diverse audience takes years of practice, get the comedian who has put in the time!

3. See Budget: How much of a budget have you put together? If you are having a great event don’t try and buy cheap comedy, because that’s what you will get.

I keep my prices competive for the comedians at my level. You’ll see most comedians who are good will charge between $1,500 and $3,500 per event. There are some really busy days for comedians spread across the calender that are usually in the Christmas party season. These are always more expensive as lots of gigs coming in and comedians can be choosy.

Follow these 3 steps and you’ll get a great comedian. If you want more info, advice, or to hire a comedian please get in touch through email or call (323) 570-4242 (HAHA)

comedians for hire 2

comedians for hire 3


How to hire a comedian? Finding this page was the first step. Thanks for reading and let me know any questions you may have. I have become one of the most requested comedian in North America for a reason, my professionalism and my ability to deliver an amazing show. But don’t take my word for it, read the reviews and see the tour dates.

Hire Comedian in Grande Prairie | Comedy by James Uloth

Looking to hire a comedian in Grande Prairie or other areas of the Peace River Country? James Uloth can provide the laughter. Since 2003, James has been performing across western Canada and the rest of the world.Comedian For hire in Alberta

If you need a comedian who can make Albertans laugh, James is that comic. Playing over 3,000 shows in 4 different countries, he is an expert at making people laugh for corporate events, Christmas parties, fundraisers and any other comedy needs.

Originally from small town Alberta, James splits his time between western Canada and Los Angeles. He regularly tours around Northern Alberta and the rest of Canada.

Not all comedians are created equal. Make sure to check out videos and the great reviews from James’s shows. You can find them at the bottom of this page or on the video tab.

James has been featured in the SLO comedy festival, Edinburgh Festival, seen on Jimmy Kimmel and heard on Satellite radio. When you need a comedian with lots of experience making the people of Alberta laugh, you need James Uloth.

He can be versatile in his performance. Let him know the level of content you want, and thats the show he will bring.

Do you need squeaky clean? Not a problem.

Do you need something middle of the road with no swearing? James will gladly do that.

Do you need adult-oriented anything goes? Yes, James can provide that as well.

Let James know the level of show you want and that’s the show he will bring. If he is not available he can also help find you other comedians.

To get in touch email or call (323) 570-4242 (HAHA) or fill in contact form below. Availble across the Peace Country area.

Hire comedian in Grande Prairie Comedian for hire Grande Prairie