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Looking to book a comedian? James is available across the USA and Canada, and he’s got 5 star reviews and videos! When you need laughter at your event, it’s time to book comedian 2

So you want to book a comedian and you want to make sure they’ll do a good job? Well, get the one with the best ratings! James comes highly rated and reviewed across many platforms. With utmost precision, he brings an amazing show to your event. From bars, to corporate events and Christmas parties, he always brings fun times. He’s available for anything across the USA and Canada.

He regularly tours from coast to coast, hitting all the cities and towns in between. He’s an active touring comedian, and that means he’s always got fresh material with the thirst for laughter.

Not all comedians are created equal, there are many out there who claim to be professional comedians. Sadly, that is not true. Make sure when you book a comedian, you are getting what you pay for. Make sure they have some videos, reviews and testimonials from past clients.

It’s not easy to become a real comedian. It takes years of touring and grinding away. There is no substitute for experience, and no experience like great comedy. Laughter creates a great unifying bond amongst those who share in it. If you want to bring the laughter to your event, you can count on James to bring it.


Please use the form below or email for more info.

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Calgary Comedians For Hire

Looking for a comedian? James Uloth has become one of Western Canada’s number #1 booked comedians. If you’re looking for Calgary Comedians For Hire, you’ve just found the right one!Calgary Comedians For Hire

Having performed thousands of shows in four different countries, James is a professional who always gets great reviews. When you absolutely need to hire a comedian to make you look good, you can put your faith in James Uloth. With many happy customers who can tell you about their experience, you can add yourself to the list of people who have hired James in the Calgary area.

Not all comics are created equal. Just popping into a search engine, Calgary Comedians For Hire, you’ll get overwhelmed by the amount of people. When you need to be sure that a comedian is actually a working professional, please consider the following.

1. Do they have a work history? Hey we all need to start somewhere, but that start is at the open mics. You don’t want someone experimenting on your dime. If you are shelling out the cash for a great show, hire someone with history. Check out James’s work history on the tour date section.

2. Have they been reviewed? Have people seen their show and said this comic is funny? Do they come well recommended? That’s what you’ll get with James Uloth, so make sure you read all his glowing reviews.

Calgary Comedians For Hire James Uloth3. Videos! Do they have something for you to look at? Just take a look at their online videos and see if they get laughs. Check out the video tab at the top of the page to see James in action.

Looking for Calgary Comedians For Hire ? Please get in touch today and see if James is available for your event. To get a quote and start taking the steps towards having the laughs at function, email or use the message form below.

 Calgary Comedians For Hire Alberta

Calgary Comedians Hire Alberta Calgary Comedians For Hire
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Book a Comedian in Alberta

Looking to book a comedian in Alberta? There are only a handful of comedians that can bring you an amazing show and are consistently funny. When you absolutely need to book a comedian, get the headline act that will bring the laughs: Book James Uloth!

Not all performance athletes are the same, not all plumbers have equal skill, not even all basket weavers are equal. You’ll want the top rated comedian, so don’t settle for 2nd best or cut-rate. Book the comedian who made a name in Alberta for bringing the belly laughs!

There are a few things you should look for when you decide to book a comedian in Alberta: corporate comedian for hire

1. Do they have positive reviews? Check out the reviews below; James has a plethora of 5 star reviews.

2. Do they have a work history? Do they get consistent gigs? That’s important. Comedians need to gain experience and stay sharp. You’ll see by James’s calendar he stays quite active touring.

3. Do they have videos? Check out the video section of this website and links to YouTube.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to booking a comedian! You don’t want cut-rate car insurance, you don’t want to go to the cheapest surgeon for your critical operation, and you won’t want the cheapest comedian. Because they won’t be good!

James still does have very competitive rates. He’s charges a fair price for an excellent show, with hundreds of happy customers that keep hiring him back year after year!

Since 2003, James has been performing standup comedy across Western Canada and into the rest of the world. Performing over 3,000 shows in 4 different countries, he’s one of the most requested standup comedians. So, when it’s time to book a comedian in Alberta, choose the one with the long resume. With his calendar filling up fast, don’t delay and contact him today!

Use the contact form below or email

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Book a comedian in Alberta for your event Book a comedian in Alberta James Uloth
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Hire Alberta’s Most Requested Corporate Comedian

Not all comedians are created equally. If you’re ready to spend some of your budget on a great stand-up comedy night, you need to hire the best Alberta comedian and get comedian James Uloth to entertain your function. Don’t just take our word for it; we’ve got tons of reviews from happy clients at the bottom of this page.

James has been hired by many Alberta companies to entertain their event. He’s performed for everything from McDonalds and Home Depot to little town local companies of 15 people who had a pot luck and needed some chuckles. Also, 4 of those people brought marshmallow salad and nobody eats that stuff. Nobody ever said, “I love salad and I love marshmallows, let’s combine them.”hire comedian for a corporate function

When you need to hire an Alberta comedian, get the one who can not only speak to the heart of blue collar country, but can also make the suits laugh. Everyone in the room, from back to front, can join in the bonding power of laughter!

The balance of bringing laughs to a whole room takes years of experience. You can count on one oil worker’s hand the number of comedians in Alberta who can play a corporate event. There’s 3, maybe 4… the same number of fingers they have left.  Safety first, people. That’s why you hire the best comedian to bring the heat.

As Alberta’s most requested comedian, reach out now get your date secured on the schedule. The word is out; it’s a fun night of comedy. Don’t hold out too long!

Performing nearly 100 shows a year, James keeps busy, constantly adding fresh material and loves nothing more than entertaining your party. When it comes time to hire a comedian, don’t be afraid. What you need to do is hire the Alberta comedian who brings the high impact, high body count, high fidelity, high scoring, high fructose corn syrup, hi 5’in action to your party.


To get in touch fill out the form below or email




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Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 10.17.22 AM Hire Alberta Corporate Comedian

Alberta Comedian

Finding a comedian for your corporate function can be a daunting task, especially when there are only have a handful of comedians in Alberta who are capable of entertaining a specific corporate audience. Finding the difference between having the most amazing comedy show possible or something that’s awkward for everyone is actually easier than you think to predetermine.

Not all comedians are created equal. Only the few will work long enough, hard enough and have the wherewithal to reach the level of a corporate comedian. This amounts to only a handful spread across western Canada, with just a few in Alberta.

Things to look for in an Alberta corporate comedian:

1. Do they have relevant experience? It’s not worth going with the cheapest entertainer. Think about it: would you go the cheapest surgeon, some guy who’s just gonna give it his best shot? I’m guessing not.

The road to becoming a professional corporate comedians takes many years of refining. James has been playing private functions and corporate events across Alberta since 2003. That’s a lot of experience he brings to every show!

2. Do they have positive reviews? Have other people said ‘this comedian played my show and he was amazing?’ If people loved the show, they’ll talk about it.

With a long list of reviews, James proves himself time and time again with consistently bringing a hilarious show. He’ll make you look good for hiring him!

3. Is the comedian still actively touring? Some comedians get stale and only come out of their caves for the big shows. This makes them become weak. Nobody wants some weak chump slinging jokes to their colleagues like it’s some kind of chore.

James plays nearly 100 shows a year, many of which are in Alberta. He’s constantly updating his material and having fun while doing it.


Please use contact form below or email

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Minor Hockey Fundraiser Comedy Night | Hire A Comedian

minor hockey fundraiser comedy night hockey banner

Looking to have a minor hockey fundraiser comedy night? I can help walk you through the whole process on how to have a successful fundraiser. Get that extra funding to help with those expensive ice fees, equipment and travel. James plays so many hockey fundraisers he has a whole website dedicated to it!

The first part to having a great fundraiser is to hire amazing comedians. I can schedule you in some amazing comedy acts that will suite your needs. I’m able to get the best talent as I often combine show dates into tours, that allows me to get a great rate and great talent as I’m producing the shows in bulk! Minor Hockey Fundraiser Comedy Night how to fundraiser for hockey


I’ll go through some steps on how to make your event a financial success. It’s the main reason you are holding a fundraiser. You can have many streams of income, here are some of the most common.

1. Ticket sales. The first line of income is from ticket sales, but there are lots more ways to earn revenue.

2. Sponsorships. Put together a good pitch for sponsorships and approach local business to help out.

3. Silent auction. Gather silent auction items. Try getting a variety of price points so that even people who don’t have large incomes can still find a way to contribute a little extra, and people with high incomes can get into a price battle over some fancy stuff.

4. Raffles. Have 50/50 draws, and other prize raffles to get that extra income.

Those are the most common income streams, and we see people raising a take home of between $4,000 – $8,000 quite frequently. We have had some events raise $20,000 or more!

Please let me know any questions you have, for more information and to book myself or other comedians please email, fill out the form below or call (323) 570- HAHA (4242)

reviews Youth Hockey Fundraiser Comedy Night | Hire A Comedian

Youth Hockey Fundraiser Comedy Night | Hire A Comedian hiring a comedian reviews






Swift Current Comedy Night – Elmwood Golf and Country Club

Coming to Elmwood Gold and Country Club Thursday July 13 is world touring comedian James Uloth, with supporting acts Alex Fortin and Adam Blank.

5:30 Cocktails

6:30 Supper

7:30 Show

Steak and Shrimp Supper  and Show $40.00


James has performed in over 3,000 shows in 4 different countries. corporate comedian for hireHe’s been showcased in comedy festivals in Canada, USA and Scotland. You can hear his comedy regularly on satellite radio.

Alex Fortin is a Stand up Comedian from Edmonton Alberta. He started performing at the age of 19, and has quickly become one of Western Canada’s most accomplished young acts. His honest stories and truth seeking rants have landed him appearances in The Okanagan Comedy Festival, The Edmonton Fringe Festival and The Main Event at The World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas.



Stop by The Club House to get your tickets for what is going to be an amazing night of comedy.


Flin Flon Comedy Night | Hire a Comedian

Looking for some entertainment? James Uloth is coming through Flin Flon MB and has a night available. He’s perfect for a corporate event, fundraiser or any night of entertainment. Youth Hockey Fundraiser Comedy Night how to fundraiser for hockey

Are you a non profit group looking for a fundraiser? James Uloth helps put on between 40-60 fundraiser events a year across Canada and USA. His shows average over $4,000 in profit for the groups he works with.

To contact James for booking or more info please email or call (323) 570 – HAHA. Or fill out the form below.



Prince George Comedy Night | Hire Comedian

Looking to host your own comedy night? Are you an organization in need of a fundraiser opportunity, a local bar looking to have some entertainment or a business looking for some laughs at your function?corporate comedian for hire

James Uloth will be coming through Prince George this September and has dates available. Get in touch and find out how James has become one of the most requested comedians in Western Canada.

He has played everything from fundraisers, colleges, bar shows, comedy clubs, corporate events and parties. If you have a need for a standup comedian, James has been providing high quality entertainment since 2003.

To contact James for booking or more info please email or call (323) 570 – HAHA. Or fill out the form below.


How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Comedian?

Hire a comedian | Medford Oregon

Looking to have a comedian for your fundraiser, corporate event, or Christmas party? James Uloth has become one of the nations leading entertainers for Standup Comedy.

If you need a comedian who can work clean, James can provide you with an all ages show. If you want a comedian with content that’s middle of the road or adult oriented, James can provide that as well. There is no need to look any further, when you need to hire a comedian, get James Uloth to bring the laugher.

Since 2003 James has been providing high quality entertainment across USA and Canada, with many reviews and referrals for you to check out. With many happy customers, James brings a show that can be funny for everyone.

Using a mix of story telling and pointing out the obvious in a room, he makes a bond with the audience as the adventure ensues. There is nothing quite as special as a comedian who can blend pre written material and the details from the evening.

Hiring a comedian doesn’t need to be a hard task. Follow a few simple rules and you’ll get the best comedian possible.

1. Does the comedian have experience playing corporate events? James has been performing comedy since 2003

2. Does the comedian have reviews, referrals, and video for you to check out? James has all of these.

3. Is the comedian available? Please use the contact methods below and find out if James can play your event.

To contact James for booking or more info please email or call (323) 570 – HAHA. Or fill out the form below.

Hire comedian Medford Oregon Comedian for hire Medford Oregon