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Finding a comedian for your corporate function can be a daunting task, especially when there are only have a handful of comedians in Alberta who are capable of entertaining a specific corporate audience. Finding the difference between having the most amazing comedy show possible or something that’s awkward for everyone is actually easier than you think to predetermine.

Not all comedians are created equal. Only the few will work long enough, hard enough and have the wherewithal to reach the level of a corporate comedian. This amounts to only a handful spread across western Canada, with just a few in Alberta.

Things to look for in an Alberta corporate comedian:

1. Do they have relevant experience? It’s not worth going with the cheapest entertainer. Think about it: would you go the cheapest surgeon, some guy who’s just gonna give it his best shot? I’m guessing not.

The road to becoming a professional corporate comedians takes many years of refining. James has been playing private functions and corporate events across Alberta since 2003. That’s a lot of experience he brings to every show!

2. Do they have positive reviews? Have other people said ‘this comedian played my show and he was amazing?’ If people loved the show, they’ll talk about it.

With a long list of reviews, James proves himself time and time again with consistently bringing a hilarious show. He’ll make you look good for hiring him!

3. Is the comedian still actively touring? Some comedians get stale and only come out of their caves for the big shows. This makes them become weak. Nobody wants some weak chump slinging jokes to their colleagues like it’s some kind of chore.

James plays nearly 100 shows a year, many of which are in Alberta. He’s constantly updating his material and having fun while doing it.


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